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Table 2 Simulation Parameters

From: An efficient task offloading scheme in vehicular edge computing

No. of VEC servers (RSUs)5
ψV2V1 unit
ψV2I1 unit
ΦV2V2.5 unit/s
ΦVEC10 units/s
Communication Range of vehicles Climit150m
Computation capacity of each vehicle[ 106,2×108]c/s
Computation capacity of VEC server[ 8×108]c/s
Radius of RSU is r200m
Task’s size[1,50] MB
Vertical distance from RSU to road is e100m
Relative speed between vehicles[10,20]m/s
The speed of vehicle Vn is \(v^{abs}_{n}\)60km/h
V2I and V2V bandwidth BV2I and BV2V1 MHz
White Guassian Noise power N03×10−13