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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 2 Summary of literatures about framework of CPS

From: Dynamic resource provisioning for cyber-physical systems in cloud-fog-edge computing

Architecture Feature Related Work
A sensing unit   
A control decision unit 1. Perceived objects [30]
An execution unit 2. User instructions [31]
Sensors 1.Self-administration  
Retrieval 2.Per-utilization metering and charging  
Virtualization 3.Versatility [32]
Computing and communication 1.Interact with the physical world  
Physical and virtual processes 2.Monitor and control the physical processes [33]
Physical level 1.A computing and communication core [34]
Engineering level 2.Monitoring, coordination, control, integration [35]
Computing technology 1.Distributed systems  
Communication technology 2.Deterministic timestamps [36]
Control technology 3.Tailored pruning techniques  
Dynamic Social Structure of Things(DSSoT) 1.Higher sociality  
  2.Base upon situational awareness [37]
  1.AcOP defifinition  
AcOP and the associated framework associated framework defifinition [38]
  3.AcOP and the associated framework benefits  
Privacy computing 1.Center on information life-cycle  
  2.Raise definition and principles [39]
ISMSs 1.And/or information officers  
  2.Outsourcing [40]
NET 1.Aligning the FISMA standard  
  2.Multi-tenant SaaS application exemplar [41]