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Advances, Systems and Applications

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Table 3 Summary of Literatures about Methods on Cloud Computing Based CPS

From: Dynamic resource provisioning for cyber-physical systems in cloud-fog-edge computing

Item Key Points Related Work Domain
LP-based algorithm 1. Minimized energy consumption [47] Arrangement
Stochastic VM placement algorithm 2. Improved feasibility [46]  
QVMS Virtual machine scheduling method [48] Energy conservation
Anomaly Automatic fault diagnosis of bearings [49] Manufacturing
Fault detection    
RFs 1. Resource fractals [50]  
  2. Reconfigurable rules [51] Smart factory
CCPSA 1. Complex Industrial Applications(CIAs)   
  2. Virtualized resource management techniques   
  3. Scheduling of cloud resources [52] Industry
  4. Life cycle management   
CaaS 1. Design of CaaS [53]  
ESD system 2. Implementation of the Cyberaide Creative service [54] Architecture
Deep learning    
Convolutional neural network (CNN) Forecasting/prediction/classification/ regression [55] Smart grid
V2X 1. Technology strategy   
SMEs 2. Policy strategy [56] Automated driving
ANN 1. Behaviour [57]  
  2. Event Recognition [58] Transport
Decision Tree Predict traffic congestion level and pollution level [59] Transport
Pattern recognition    
Clustering Activity recognition [60] Smart home
Attribute-based encryption Semi-trusted environments [61] Healthcare
PI 1. Possible linkages [62]  
  2. Thematic clusters [63] Smart city