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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 4 Summary of literatures about methods on fog computing based CPS

From: Dynamic resource provisioning for cyber-physical systems in cloud-fog-edge computing

Method Key Points Related Work
  1.Fog computing supported MCPS  
  2.Pushing Fog computing to lower logical level as a set of mechanisms  
FC-CPS enabling the deployment and execution of multiple location-aware [65]
  3.System-level CPS and DT are geographically concentrated [66]
  4.New architecture of CNC machine tools based on CPS and fog computing  
CPS-Healthcare system 1.Attribute based proxy reencryption [64]
  2.Medical information system [67]
IFCIoT 1.Geographical or logical clusters  
  2.Situ processing and offloading [68]
Virtual Machines(VMs) 1.Economic and environmental issues  
Physical Machines(PMs) 2.Vector bin-packing problem [69]
First-Fit Decreasing(FFD) 3.FFD based heuristic techniques  
Cloud-to-Things continuum Mission-critical applications [70]
Trust management system Lightweight management system [71]
Exogenous coordination model Support considerable smart devices in CPSCN applications [72]
PsCPS A distributed platform for cloud and fog integrated CPS [73]
CPSWare 1.Systemic solutions for solving computing and networking issues in CPS  
  2.Enable the integration of CPS with cloud and fog computing [74]
ICPS A Bluetooth 5 fog computing based ICPS architecture [75]