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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 5 Summary of literatures about methods on edge computing based CPS

From: Dynamic resource provisioning for cyber-physical systems in cloud-fog-edge computing

Item Key Points Related Work
MEC 1. MEC definition and functions  
ES 2. MEC in 5G [76]
  3. ES deployment criterion  
Nash Equilibrium   
Game theory Noncooperative game [77]
DSP 1. NEA in IoT and CPS  
  2. DSP benefits [78]
UAV 1.Retromodulator-based optical communication  
  2. Novel radio access network architecture [79]
IoT/CPS data processing pattern 1.Social IoT  
  2.Novel pattern based on the stream processing technology [80]
  3.In-memory data processing architecture  
Failure estimation method 1. Realization of CPS edge computing with smart sensor  
  2. The functions of smart sensor [81]
  3. Benefits of edge computing  
CEC 1.A Cloud-Edge Computing Framework for CPS  
ELEs 2. Tensor-based services model [82, 83]
IRM 1.An intermediate representation model  
  2.Home health care application [84]
DDPG 1.A hybrid data offloading scheme  
DQN 2.The policy-based DRL approach [85]
Deep reinforcement learning   
FPGA 1.FPGA benefits  
ARTICo 2.ARTICo benefits [86]