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Table 4 Availability assessment of primary data item - data centers - required under the GHG Protocol for assessment of ICT emissions

From: Assessing the suitability of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for calculation of emissions from public cloud computing workloads

GHG Protocol Description Data available to Cloud Vendor customers?
“number and location” Partial – the customer can determine which location (region) they deploy to, but the concept of “zones” cannot necessarily be mapped to a single data center.
For example, Google Cloud Platform has the concept of Zones within Regions. The Region location is defined but the Zone location is not. A Zone may be one or many clusters where a cluster represents distinct physical infrastructure (power, cooling, network) within a data center. Further, zones are not necessarily physical, potentially differing across customers [34].
For certain types of Compute Primitives e.g. Azure Functions, code is deployed to a specific region but there may be multiple zones within the region and a zone may be one or many physical data centers [53]. AWS has a single region in Virginia [6] but has 55 physical data centers in that geography [19].