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Table 8 Availability assessment of primary data item - power consumption by type of IT hardware - required under the GHG Protocol for assessment of ICT emissions

From: Assessing the suitability of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol for calculation of emissions from public cloud computing workloads

GHG Protocol Description Data available to Cloud Vendor customers?
“calculated energy consumed by a server at a given rate of device utilization and estimated power for networking and storage equipment” No – no information is available about the type of underlying hardware so no energy calculations can be completed. Indeed, “hyperscale” Cloud Vendors design many of their own hardware components [30, 50] with no publicly available power assessment.
Some vendors have released their hardware designs under the open source Open Compute program, such as Microsoft’s Project Olympus [67]. This would allow independent assessment of the equipment power consumption but would require additional information about how this hardware is deployed into Microsoft Azure cloud environments.