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Table 1 Security risks faced by our system and the behavior of the system at risk

From: Highly secure edge-intelligent electric motorcycle management system for elevators

Layer Attack behavior System behavior
Perception layer Physical attack. Attackers destroy and The system fails to operate normally, and all indicators drop to
  disassemble the smart camera, causing zero suddenly.
  it to break  
  Attackers illegally insert and remove the  
  SD card, causing the system to crash.  
  Attackers use fake electric motorcycle The proportion of the target area is quite different from the
  images to simulate an attack, frequently proportion of the target in the real scene.
  initialize corresponding components, and  
  consume system resources.  
Network layer Flooding (Dos) attack, which causes The memory utilization, device power consumption and network
  excessive consumption of system resources bandwidth are greatly improved, and the CPU utilization spikes
  through frequent attacks and cause the violently.
  system fail to process normal requests in time.  
  Attackers attack the network components Various performance indicators of the system increase.
  and illegally tamper with the network  
Application layer Illegal intrusion into the device and frequent Various performance indicators of the system increase.
  initialization of the program module  
  Illegal intrusion into equipment and malicious System operation is abnormal, and various performance indicators
  modification of the program data. change significantly.