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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 1 Comparison of MEO systems used in difference environments

From: Flexible computation offloading in a fuzzy-based mobile edge orchestrator for IoT applications

  Method MEO deployment Key performance indicator
Baktir et al. [22] IP-addressed and load-balancing Edge server Capabilities of SDN
Bittencourt et al. [14] Edge-ward placement algorithm Edge/fog computing infrastructures CPU capacity and a static network delay for
    WLAN, MAN, and WAN communication
Hegyi et al. [20] Optimize placing the components of Edge server Available virtualized resources
  IoT applications   
Karagiannis et al. [23] PSP method solving placement optimization problem Edge server The provisioning of resources,
    replication degree of the applications
Santoro et al. [24] Foggy: efficient and optimized use of the infrastructure Fog computing infrastructures Traditional and non-traditional requirements
  while satisfying the application requirements