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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 2 Comparison of RM techniques

From: Integrated resource management pipeline for dynamic resource-effective cloud data center

Authors When to migrate Which VM to migrate Where to migrate
  (overload detection technique) (VM selection technique) (VM placement technique)
Nathuji and Schwan [12] - - VirtualPower Management
Verma et al. [13] - - PMaP Algorithm
Beloglazov et al. [24] Fixed threshold - Minimization of migration (MM) Modified best fit decreasing
   - Highest potential growth (HPG) (MBFD)
   - Random choice (RC)  
Beloglazov and Buyya [23] - Inter-quartile range (IQR) - Minimum migration time (MMT) Power aware best fit
  - Median absolute deviation (MAD) - Random selection (RS) decreasing (PABFD)
  - Local regression (LR) - Maximum correlation (MC)  
  - Robust local regression (LRR)   
Guenter et al. [21] - Short term load forecasting - -
Shaw and Singh [4] - Simple Exponential Smoothing Minimum utilization policy Optimized destination host
  - Double exponential smoothing   selection
Moges and Abebe [8] local regression - - MF (for homogeneous)
    - MFPED (for heterogeneous)
This Work - Fixed threshold - MMTMC - Modified best fit decreasing
  - Robust local regression (LRR) - MMTMC 1 (MBFD)
  - Double exponential smoothing (DES) - MMTMC 2 - Medium-fit (MF)
  - Seasonal holt winter (SHW)