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Table 1 Abbreviations and their descriptions

From: Multi-objective workflow optimization strategy (MOWOS) for cloud computing

Abbreviations Description
Wt Workflow task
n Number of tasks
k Number of VM types
ECT Expected completion time
Dl Deadline
Dlqueue Deadline queue
wtqueue Workflow tasks queue
MinVM Minimum virtual machine
MaxVM Maximum virtual machine
EL Execution length
ET Execution time
ECT Expected completing time
loadVMj The workflows on virtual machine j
pre(wti) Predecessor workflow task i
succ(wtj) Successor workflow task j
wtentry) Entry workflow tasks
wtexit Exit workflow tasks
MIPS Million instructions per second
getMips Get million instructions per second of Vm
getVmSize Get the size of each VM (MIPS)
vmAllocation.keyset Stores VM ID and Allocations
TL Tasks length
MIPSVMk Million instruction per seconds of virtual machine K