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Table 5 Summary of data collection

From: Study on coupling degree of rail transit capacity and land use based on multivariate data from cloud platform

IndicatorSample sizeMeanMax.Min.S.D.
L1 Floor area ratio201.70452.181.240.261887
L2 Building density200.3380.490.230.059127
L3 Land use information entropy202.0922.761.210.397021
L4 Proportion of land for public facilities2015.243532.985.26.819336
L5Proportion of land for commercial facilities2012.523519.722.684.150053
L6 Proportion of land for resident2054.88368.0444.567.227254
L7 Density of facilities POI2014.135527.746.195.42126
L8 Facility POI information entropy201.3991.561.270.068695
L9 Bus line density2039.016566.2416.1211.59125
L10 Parking lot density2073.3955117.112723.72685
L11 Bicycle density205.627.242.821.241306
T1 Average daily number of passengers2042,643.664,27820,71315,186.62
T2 Average daily number of rail transit interval20327,959.3595,718124,959146,516.8
T3 Average daily number of trains20513.54603.4450.373.46119
T4 Per capita rail transit interval207.50910.095.91.232177