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Table 9 \( \sum {\boldsymbol{S}}_{\boldsymbol{j}}\left(\boldsymbol{i}\right)\ \mathrm{and}\sum {\boldsymbol{S}}_{\boldsymbol{j}}^{\prime}\left(\boldsymbol{i}\right) \) statistics of the indicator

From: Study on coupling degree of rail transit capacity and land use based on multivariate data from cloud platform

IndicatorSj(i)\( \sum {\boldsymbol{S}}_{\boldsymbol{j}}^{\prime}\left(\boldsymbol{i}\right) \)
L1 Floor area ratio0.0148630.021024
L2 Building density0.3090412.5 × 10−15
L3 Land use information entropy1.4149350.280728
L4 Proportion of land for public facilities0.2818790.023358
L5 Proportion of land for commercial facilities0.0009750.00136
L6 Proportion of land for resident2.2 × 10−140.320878
L7 Density of facilities POI0.0666061 × 10−15
L8 Facility POI information entropy2.0631630.026289
L9 Bus line density0.0023320.031953
L10 Parking lot density00.088157
L11 Bicycle density0.0649830.040079
T1 Average daily number of passengers1.0314450.041003
T2 Average daily number of rail transit interval0.0180331.2 × 10−15
T3 Average daily number of trains0.7462830.222604
T4 Per capita rail transit interval0.0309640.476646