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Table 2 The summary of the hypercalls used in Fig. 11

From: Secure VM management with strong user binding in semi-trusted clouds

HypercallDescription of operations
xen_versionversion and extraversion (get the version number), compile_info (get compile information), capabilities (get supported interfaces), changeset (get the changeset), platform_parameters (get platform-specific parameters), pagesize (get the page size), and commandline (get command-line options)
sysctlgetdomaininfolist (get information on VMs) and physinfo (get information on virtual hardware)
domctlpausedomain (stop the execution of a VM), unpausedomain (restart a paused VM), destroydomain (terminate a VM), max_mem (set the maximum memory size), get_address_size (get the address size), getdomaininfo (get information on a VM), gethvmcontext (get information on a fully virtualized VM), getvcpuinfo (get the state of virtual CPUs), gettscinfo (get timestamp counters), and getpageframeinfo3 (get page types)
hvm_opget_param (get the parameters used for a fully virtualized VM)
memory_opget_sharing_freed_pages (get the number of pages released by memory sharing), get_sharing_shared_pages (get the number of shared pages), set_pod_target (set the number of pages used for population-on-demand), maximum_ram_page (get the maximum number of pages), maximum_gpfn (get the maximum guest PFN), and machphys_mfn_list (get the list of MFNs)
mmu_updatemap the memory of a VM