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Advances, Systems and Applications

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Table 2 Architectures’ characteristic matrix

From: Efficient resourceful mobile cloud architecture (mRARSA) for resource demanding applications

Cloud architectureCharacteristics
Mobil ad-hoc cloudDMobile ad hoc networkWi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, BluetoothSelf- managedNoN specific usersLocalSOAOnly soft state
CloudletDWLAN latency/ bandwidthWLANSelf- managed, little professional attentionYesCommunity user at runtimeLocal & decentralizedSOAOnly soft state
Distant cloudDInternet latency / bandwidth4G/LTEProfessionally administrator, service providerYesN of users at all the timeCentralized & service centric by service providerSOAHard & soft state
mRARSADWLANWi-FiDeveloper ManagementSolveYesDeveloper OwnershipSOAHard & Soft state
  1. AR Architecture, N Network, CE Communication Environment, M Management, Mob Mobility, US User Support, O Ownership, SW Service framework, S State, D Distributed