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Advances, Systems and Applications

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Table 3 Context vs. content tasks

From: Efficient resourceful mobile cloud architecture (mRARSA) for resource demanding applications

Wi-Fi signal strength for executing applications’ tasks
Signal strength Expected quality Required for different tasks Service efficiency
−30 dBm Maximum - (nearest to access point) Not typical or desirable in the real world. Excellent
− 50 dBm Anything down to this level can be considered excellent signal strength. N/A Good
−60 dBm Good, reliable signal strength Intensive task can be considered Good
− 67 dBm Minimum signal strength for applications that require very reliable, timely packet delivery. VoIP/VoWiFi & non –HD video streaming Good
− 69 dBm Minimum signal strength for reliable packet delivery Light browsing & email, web Good
− 79 dBm Minimum signal strength for basic connectivity. Packet delivery may be unreliable. Connecting to the network Fair
− 90 dBm Approaching or drowning in the noise floor. Any functionality is highly unlikely. Task hasn’t defined yet Average
(−90 to − 99) dBm Functionality hasn’t defined Task hasn’t defined yet Below Average
− 100 dBm N/A Not acceptable Poor
− 110 dBm N/A N/A No signal