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Table 2 Simulation parameters

From: Adaptive offloading in mobile-edge computing for ultra-dense cellular networks based on genetic algorithm

Parameter value
BS signal coverage 150m [8]
Edge server CPU frequency 10GHz [9]
BS bandwidth 10MHz [9]
User device transmission power 0.5W [32]
Data volume of task [600,1000]Kb [9]
Calculation cycles of task [400,600]MegaCycles [9]
Energy consumption factor 5×10−27 [32]
Background noise 100dBm [9]
channel gain 140.7+36.7log10d[km] [33]
Time slot 5s
Trade-off parameter 0.5
Population size 100
The largest generation 500
Maximum fitness difference threshold 0.0001
CP 0.5
MP 0.001