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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 1 Comparison between offloading systems

From: Energy-aware adaptive offloading of soft real-time jobs in mobile edge clouds

System Cloud architecture Time-aware Energy-aware Deadlines Scheduler Granularity
Jay Configurable Configurable Single-job
Cuckoo [9] MCC Local Single-job
COSMOS [10] MCC Local Single-job
AIOLOS [11] MCC Local Single-job
MAUI [12] MCC Local Single-job
Phone2Cloud [13] MCC Local Single-job
ThinkAir [14] MCC Local Single-job
ULOOF [15] MCC Local Single-job
Femtoclouds [18] Femtocloud Centralized Multiple-job
Honeybee [19] MEC Local Single-job
Oregano [20] MEC Centralized Multiple-job
P3-Mobile [21] MEC Centralized Parallel jobs
CWC [22] Femtocloud Centralized Parallel jobs
MDC [24] MEC Centralized Parallel jobs
RAMOS [25] Femtocloud Centralized Multiple-job
Synergy [26] MEC Local Single-job