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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 2 Summary of model instantiation

From: Energy-aware adaptive offloading of soft real-time jobs in mobile edge clouds

State variables per host h Unit
n number of jobs at h -
\(\hat {T}_{\mathrm {C}}\) computational time of a job s
BU bandwidth for uploading data (to h) B / s
BD bandwidth for downloading data (from h) B / s
PC power consumption during job computation W
PD power consumption during data download W
PU power consumption during data upload W
Time estimates per host h Unit
TC(h) \(\hat {T}_{\mathrm {C}}(h) \times \left (n(h) + 1\right) \) s
TI(h) BU(h)×|j|I s
TO(h) BD(h)×|j|O s
T(h) TI(h)+TC(h)+TO(h) s
Energy estimates per host h Unit
EC(h) \(\hat {T}_{\mathrm {C}}(h) \times P_{C}(h)\) W · s
EI(h) TI(h)×(PU(hL)+PD(h)) W · s
EO(h) TO(h)×(PD(hL)+PU(h)) W · s
E(h) EI(h)+EC(h)+EO(h) W · s