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Welcome to the new Journal of Cloud Computing by Springer

Since 2012, the Journal of Cloud Computing has been promoting research and technology development related to Cloud Computing, as an elastic framework for provisioning complex infrastructure services on-demand, including service models such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). The industry has been driving the Cloud development at an ever rapid pace, especially recently in relation to industrial automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain and Cloud-Edge-IoT convergence as well as 5G and Next Generation Internet. There are efforts in improving and facilitating modern scientific research, supporting high-tech industry, and creating a more effective general collaborative environment for different human activities. There is a vital need to involve more academic research on Cloud Computing technologies.

The journal shall become the gathering place for academic researchers, practitioners and business innovators alike, where they may publish their work together to embrace, promote and enhance cloud computing technologies and their applications.

Leading the new editorial team, the Editor-in-Chief (EiC) Prof. Chunming Rong has served extensively in leadership of IEEE Cloud Computing communities and led the transition to the IEEE CS Technical Committee on Cloud Computing (TCCLD). He served as the steering chair (2016–2019), steering member and associate editor of the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing (TCC) since 2016. Prof. Rong has extensive experience in managing large-scale research and innovation projects, both in Norway and the EU.

Furthermore, the review workflow is operationally handled by the Managing Editor-in-Chief Dr. Zhiming Zhao, who is an active researcher in the area of cloud computing, distributed systems, and blockchain. Since 2015, he has led the research and development efforts related to cloud automation, advanced cloud service model, and cloud data management in several EU H2020 projects, including SWITCH, ARTICONF, ENVRIplus and ENVRI-FAIR.

Together with the new editorial teams, led by topic chairs in Advanced Cloud Service, Cloud-Edge-IoT, Cloud Network, Security, Datacenter Infrastructure, and Applications.

Our goal is to promote the journal to reach board recognition and higher impact factors.

We welcome your articles as well as proposals of special issues related to emerging topics involving at least one of our associate editors.

Prof. Chunming Rong (Editor-in-Chief)

Dr. Zhiming Zhao (Managing Editor-in-Chief)

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