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Table 3 Parameter values of the simulation

From: An efficient population-based multi-objective task scheduling approach in fog computing systems

Parameter Value Description
n 50−300 Number of tasks
m 20 Number of fog nodes
Di 10−50 Mb The data size of task ti
Ii 300−500 Cycles/bit Computing density of task ti
\(C_{j}^{max}\) 1−2 Giga cycles/bit The computing capacity of fog node fj
\(S_{j}^{max}\) 500−2000 Mb Storage capacity of fog node fj
B 100−200 MHz Bandwidth between IoT device and fog node
Lj 1.5−2 Km Distance of fog node fj from the fog node manager
pj 1−5 W Power consumption of fog node fj
pi 0.1 W Transmission power of IoT task device ti