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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 1 Symbols and their corresponding definitions

From: Identity-based remote data checking with a designated verifier

Symbols Definitions
DO Data Owner
CSP Cloud Service Provider
RDPC Remote Data Possession Checking
DV Designated Verifier
PDP Provable Data Possession
PoR Proof of Retrievability
PKI Public Key Infrastructure
CA Certificate Authority
CDH Computational Diffie-Hellman
WDH Weil Diffie-Hellman
KGC Key-Generation Center
IBS Identity-Based Signature
\(\mathbb G, \mathbb G_{1}, \mathbb G_{2}\) cyclic groups
q the order of \(\mathbb G_{1}\) and \(\mathbb G_{2}\)
\(\mathbb Z_{q}\) {0,1,q−1}
g the generator of \(\mathbb G_{1}\)
e bilinear map from \(\mathbb G_{1}\times \mathbb G_{1}\) to \(\mathbb G_{2}\)
H,H1,H2 hash functions
params system parameter
msk master secret key
trd trapdoor of DV
F original data file
Fid filename of F
n number of blocks for F
T authenticated data file
TFid generated IBS
chal the challenge message
Γ the returned proof