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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 3 The comparisons on the storage costs

From: Identity-based remote data checking with a designated verifier

Protocol KGC DO DV or TPA
Our Protocol \(|\mathbb Z_{q}|\) \(|\mathbb G_{1}|\) \(|n|+2|\mathbb Z_{q}|+|\mathbb G_{1}|\)
Li et al. [8] \(|\mathbb Z_{q}|\) \(|\mathbb G_{1}|\) \(|n|+2|\mathbb Z_{q}|+|Fid|\)
Yu et al. [9] \(|\mathbb Z_{q}|\) \(|\mathbb G_{1}|\) \(|n|+|\mathbb Z_{q}|+|\mathbb G_{1}|+|\mathbb G_{2}|+|pf|\)
Ji et al. [4] \(|\mathbb Z_{q}|\) \(2|\mathbb Z_{q}|\) \(|n|+|\mathbb Z_{q}|\)