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Table 4 The comparisons on the computational costs

From: Identity-based remote data checking with a designated verifier

Protocol T Γ Verify DV
Our Protocol (2n+2)·Texp+(3nTmul+TIBS ·Texp+(−1)·Tmul TVer+3·Tp+(2+1)·Texp+(2−1)·Tmul Yes
Li et al. [8] (2n+1)·Texp+(2nTmul+TS (+1)·Texp+(−1)·Tmul \(T^{\prime }_{Ver}+3\cdot T_{p}+(2\ell +2)\cdot T_{exp}+(2\ell +1)\cdot T_{mul}\) No
Yu et al. [9] (2n+1)·Texp+n·Tmul+TIBS (+1)·Texp+·Tmul+Tp TVer+Tp+(+1)·Texp+(−1)·Tmul No
Ji et al. [4] 3n·Texp+3n·Tmul (+3)·Texp+·Tmul Tp+(+1)·Texp+(+2)·Tmul No