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Table 3 List of the main symbols and their meanings

From: Look-ahead energy efficient VM allocation approach for data centers

Symbol Meaning
S Set of servers where \(S\), \({\mathrm{S}}_{\mathrm{i}} \in S\), \(i=\{1,\dots , n\}\),\(i \in N\)
RC[\({\mathrm S}_{\mathrm i}\)] Remaining capacity of \({\mathrm{S}}_{\mathrm{i}}\)
UR[\({\mathrm W}_{\mathrm{new}}\)] Utilization requirement of \({\mathrm{W}}_{\mathrm{new}}\)
TU[\({\mathrm S}_{\mathrm i}\)] Total utilization of \({\mathrm{S}}_{\mathrm{i}}\)
\({\mathrm W}_{\mathrm i,\mathrm j}\)   \({\mathrm{W}}_{\mathrm{j}} \in \mathrm{W}\) running on \({\mathrm{S}}_{\mathrm{i}}\)\(j=\{1,\dots , m\}\),\(m \in N\)
\({\mathrm{VM}}_{\mathrm i,\mathrm k}\)   \({\mathrm{VM}}_{\mathrm{k}} \in \mathrm{VM}\) on \({\mathrm{S}}_{\mathrm{i}}\)\(k=\{1,\dots , z\}\),\(z \in N\)
max(\(\mathrm{RT}_{\mathrm i,\mathrm j}^{\mathrm W}\)) Maximum remaining time of existing workloads
min(\(\mathrm{RT}_{\mathrm i,\mathrm j}^{\mathrm W}\)) Minimum remaining time of existing workloads
ET[\({\mathrm W}_{\mathrm{new}}\)] Execution time of \({\mathrm{W}}_{\mathrm{new}}\)