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Table 3 Computation and Communcitaion efficiency comparison

From: An improved secure designated server public key searchable encryption scheme with multi-ciphertext indistinguishability

Scheme Computation Communcitaion
  PEKS Trapdoor Test |C| |T| |Pk|
Huang and Li [8] Hp+3E P+HP+E 2P+M 2\(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \) \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{2} \vert \) \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \)
Li et al. [12] 2P+2Hp+3E+H P+2Hp+2E+M 2P+2E+M 2\(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \) + \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{2} \vert \) 2\(\mathbb {G}_{1}\) *
Baek et al. [3] 2P+Hp+2E+M+H Hp+E P+M+E+H \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \,+\,\vert q \vert \) \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{2} \vert \) 2\(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \)
Rhee et al. [4] P+Hp+2E+H Hp+3E+M P+Hp+2E \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \) 2\(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \) 2\(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \)
Pan and Li [10] Hp+3E+H P+Hp+3E 2P+M 2 \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \) 2\(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \) + \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{2} \vert \) \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \)
Our Scheme P+4E+2H 4E+2H+M 2P+M+E 2\(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \,+\,\vert \mathbb {G}_{2} \vert \) 2\(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \) \(\vert \mathbb {G}_{1} \vert \)