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Advances, Systems and Applications

Table 3 ENISA’s list of assets

From: A risk assessment model for selecting cloud service providers

A1. Company reputation
A2. Customer trust
A3. Employee loyalty and experience
A4. Intellectual property
A5. Personal sensitive data
A6. Personal data
A7. Personal data - critical
A8. HR data
A9. Service delivery - real time services
A10. Service delivery
A11. Access control / authentication / authorization (root/admin v others)
A12. Credentials
A13. User directory (data)
A14. Cloud service management interface
A15. Management interface APIs
A16. Network (connections, etc.)
A17. Physical hardware
A18. Physical buildings
A19. Cloud Provider Application (source code)
A20. Certification
A21. Operational logs (customer and cloud provider)
A22. Security logs
A23. Backup or archive data