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Table 8 Indexes of the three paramaters that affect more the metric of each scenario

From: Analyzing the availability and performance of an e-health system integrated with edge, fog and cloud infrastructures

Scenario 1   Scenario 2 Scenario 3
Parameter Index Parameter Index Parameter Index
MTTF_Fog 2.64×10−4 MTTF_Cloud 1.95×10−4 MTTF_Fog 2.65×10−4
MTTR_Fog 2.57×10−4 MTTR_Cloud 1.93×10−4 MTTR_Fog 2.57×10−4
MTTF_Cloud 1.95×10−4 MTTR_Sensors 3.57×10−5 MTTR_Sensors 3.57×10−5