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  1. While a multitude of cloud vendors exist today offering flexible application hosting services, the application adaptation capabilities provided in terms of autoscaling are rather limited. In most cases, a stat...

    Authors: Andreas Tsagkaropoulos, Yiannis Verginadis, Nikos Papageorgiou, Fotis Paraskevopoulos, Dimitris Apostolou and Gregoris Mentzas
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:45

    The Correction to this article has been published in Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:50

  2. Distributed steganography is an approach to concealing the secret in several files, leaving fewer traces than the classical approach. Recent work proposed by Moyou and Ndoumdan have improved this approach by p...

    Authors: Stéphane Willy Mossebo Tcheunteu, Leonel Moyou Metcheka and René Ndoundam
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:43
  3. With the increasing level of IoT applications, computation offloading is now undoubtedly vital because of the IoT devices limitation of processing capability and energy. Computation offloading involves moving ...

    Authors: Nweso Emmanuel Nwogbaga, Rohaya Latip, Lilly Suriani Affendey and Amir Rizaan Abdul Rahiman
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:40
  4. Serverless computing has gained importance over the last decade as an exciting new field, owing to its large influence in reducing costs, decreasing latency, improving scalability, and eliminating server-side ...

    Authors: Hassan B. Hassan, Saman A. Barakat and Qusay I. Sarhan
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:39
  5. Modern datacenters provide a wide variety of application services, which generate a mix of delay-sensitive short flows and throughput-oriented long flows, transmitting in the multi-path datacenter network. Tho...

    Authors: Tao Zhang, Yasi Lei, Qianqiang Zhang, Shaojun Zou, Juan Huang and Fangmin Li
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:37
  6. Through virtualization and resource integration, cloud computing has expanded its service area and offers a better user experience than the traditional platforms, along with its business operation model bringi...

    Authors: Wenjuan Li, Jiyi Wu, Jian Cao, Nan Chen, Qifei Zhang and Rajkumar Buyya
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:35
  7. By sharing resources with each other, different cloud providers in a cloud federation can exploit their diversity in resource configuration and operational cost so as to improve service performance. They shoul...

    Authors: Runhao Lu, Yuning Liang, Qing Ling, Changle Li and Weigang Wu
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:34
  8. Connected and Automated Vehicle (CAV) is a transformative technology that has great potential to improve urban traffic and driving safety. Electric Vehicle (EV) is becoming the key subject of next-generation C...

    Authors: Bing Lin, Kai Lin, Changhang Lin, Yu Lu, Ziqing Huang and Xinwei Chen
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:33
  9. Internet of Things (IoT) has posed new requirements to the underlying processing architecture, specially for real-time applications, such as event-detection services. Complex Event Processing (CEP) engines pro...

    Authors: Giovanny Mondragón-Ruiz, Alonso Tenorio-Trigoso, Manuel Castillo-Cara, Blanca Caminero and Carmen Carrión
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:32
  10. Modern data center networks typically adopt multi-rooted tree topologies such leaf-spine and fat-tree to provide high bisection bandwidth. Load balancing is critical to achieve low latency and high throughput....

    Authors: Jiawei Huang, Shiqi Wang, Shuping Li, Shaojun Zou, Jinbin Hu and Jianxin Wang
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:31
  11. In cloud service delivery, the cloud user is concerned about “what” function and performance the cloud service could provide, while the cloud provider is concerned about “how” to design proper underlying cloud...

    Authors: Chao Wu, Shingo Horiuchi, Kenji Murase, Hiroaki Kikushima and Kenichi Tayama
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:30
  12. This paper examines possibilities for improving the existing strategies of consistency management for highly-distributed transactional database in a hybrid cloud environment. With a detailed analysis of the ex...

    Authors: Jasmina Dizdarevic, Zikrija Avdagic, Fahrudin Orucevic and Samir Omanovic
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:27
  13. Cloud providers shares their resources and services through collaboration in order to increase resource utilization, profit and quality of services. The offered services with different access patterns, similar...

    Authors: Sameer Singh Chauhan, Emmanuel S. Pilli and R. C. Joshi
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:26
  14. We present an algorithm and a software architecture for a cloud-based system that executes cyclic scientific workflows whose structure may change during run time. Existing approaches either rely on workflow de...

    Authors: Michel Krämer, Hendrik M. Würz and Christian Altenhofen
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:25
  15. Adding buffers to networks is part of the fundamental advance in data communication. Since edge cloud computing is based on the heterogeneous collaboration network model in a federated environment, it is natur...

    Authors: Zheng Li, Francisco Millar-Bilbao, Gonzalo Rojas-Durán and Susana Ladra
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:24
  16. Modern applications demand resources at an unprecedented level. In this sense, data-centers are required to scale efficiently to cope with such demand. Resource disaggregation has the potential to improve reso...

    Authors: Marcelo Amaral, Jordà Polo, David Carrera, Nelson Gonzalez, Chih-Chieh Yang, Alessandro Morari, Bruce D’Amora, Alaa Youssef and Malgorzata Steinder
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:22
  17. Herein, we present a novel topic variation detection method that combines a topic extraction method and a change-point detection method. It extracts topics from time-series text data as the feature of each tim...

    Authors: Sota Kato, Takafumi Nakanishi, Budrul Ahsan and Hirokazu Shimauchi
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:21
  18. Vehicular fog computing (VFC) provisions computing services at the edge of networks by fully exploiting the idle resources of vehicle loaded computer systems. Task scheduling and resource allocation revolved a...

    Authors: Chaogang Tang, Shixiong Xia, Qing Li, Wei Chen and Weidong Fang
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:19
  19. Due to the high risk factors in the electric power industry, the safety of power system can be improved by using the surveillance system to predict and warn the operators’ nonstandard and unsafe actions in rea...

    Authors: Yanfang Yin, Jinjiao Lin, Nongliang Sun, Qigang Zhu, Shuaishuai Zhang, Yanjie Zhang and Ming Liu
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:17
  20. Containerisation demonstrates its efficiency in application deployment in Cloud Computing. Containers can encapsulate complex programs with their dependencies in isolated environments making applications more ...

    Authors: Naweiluo Zhou, Yiannis Georgiou, Marcin Pospieszny, Li Zhong, Huan Zhou, Christoph Niethammer, Branislav Pejak, Oskar Marko and Dennis Hoppe
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:16
  21. With the combination of Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) and the next generation cellular networks, computation requests from end devices can be offloaded promptly and accurately by edge servers equipped on Base St...

    Authors: Zhuofan Liao, Jingsheng Peng, Bing Xiong and Jiawei Huang
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:15
  22. At present, some existing tag anti-collision algorithms are used mostly in scenarios of fixed number of tags and they perform poorly in tag moving scenarios. Therefore, this paper proposes a double reader tag ...

    Authors: Haochen Lv, Xiaowu Li, Lianyin Jia, Runxin Li, Jiaman Ding and Jinguo You
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:12
  23. Intelligent transportation brings huge benefits to humans’ life and Industrial production in terms of vehicle control and traffic management. Now, the development of edge-cloud computing has once again promote...

    Authors: Bin Xie, Kun Zhang, Yi Zhao, Yunchun Zhang, Ying Cai and Tian Wang
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:10
  24. The performance levels of a computing machine running a given workload configuration are crucial for both users and providers of computing resources. Knowing how well a computing machine is running with a give...

    Authors: Lorenzo Luciano, Imre Kiss, Peter William Beardshear, Esther Kadosh and A. Ben Hamza
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:8
  25. Workload models are typically built based on user and application behavior in a system, limiting them to specific domains. Undoubtedly, such a practice creates a dilemma in a cloud computing (cloud) environmen...

    Authors: Cédric St-Onge, Souhila Benmakrelouf, Nadjia Kara, Hanine Tout, Claes Edstrom and Rafi Rabipour
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:6
  26. With the rapid development of hospital informatization and Internet medical service in recent years, most hospitals have launched online hospital appointment registration systems to remove patient queues and i...

    Authors: Junshu Wang, Guoming Zhang, Wei Wang, Ka Zhang and Yehua Sheng
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:4
  27. Cloud storage with sharing services is increasingly popular among data owners. However, it is difficult for the users to know if the cloud server providers (CSPs) indeed protect their data. To verify data inte...

    Authors: Yange Chen, Hequn Liu, Baocang Wang, Baljinnyam Sonompil, Yuan Ping and Zhili Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:3
  28. In cloud computing, there is a trade-off between SLAV (Service Level Agreement Violation) and system operating cost. Violation rates can be decreased when using more hosts, which increases system operating cos...

    Authors: Moon-Hyun Kim, Jun-Yeong Lee, Syed Asif Raza Shah, Tae-Hyung Kim and Seo-Young Noh
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:2
  29. With the continued appeal and adoption of cloud computing, an assessment of cloud run costs and migration affordability prior to adoption would assist enterprises that have several legacy applications targeted...

    Authors: Kent Ramchand, Mohan Baruwal Chhetri and Ryszard Kowalczyk
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2021 10:1
  30. With the rapid development of mobile edge computing, mobile social networks are gradually infiltrating into our daily lives, in which the communities are an important part of social networks. Internet of Peopl...

    Authors: Liang Jiang, Lu Liu, Jingjing Yao and Leilei Shi
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2020 9:69
  31. Classical or traditional steganography aims at hiding a secret in cover media such as text, image, audio, video or even in network protocols. Recent research has improved this approach called distributed stega...

    Authors: Leonel Moyou Metcheka and René Ndoundam
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2020 9:68

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