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  1. Optimizing resource allocation and routing to satisfy service needs is paramount in large-scale networks. Software-defined networking (SDN) is a new network paradigm that decouples forwarding and control, enab...

    Authors: Junyan Chen, Wei Xiao, Hongmei Zhang, Jiacheng Zuo and Xinmei Li
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:41
  2. The detection of different types of concept drift has wide applications in the fields of cloud computing and security information detection. Concept drift detection can indeed assist in promptly identifying in...

    Authors: Jing Chen, Shengyi Yang, Ting Gao, Yue Ying, Tian Li and Peng Li
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:40
  3. Mobile edge computing (MEC) has revolutionized the way of teaching in universities. It enables more interactive and immersive experiences in the classroom, enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes. A...

    Authors: Huiling Zhang, Huatao Wu, Zhengde Li, Wenwen Gong and Yan Yan
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:38
  4. Blockchain technologies (BCT) are utilized in healthcare to facilitate a smart and secure transmission of patient data. BCT solutions, however, are unable to store data produced by IoT devices in smart healthc...

    Authors: Mamoona Humayun, Amjad Alsirhani, Faeiz Alserhani, Momina Shaheen and Ghadah Alwakid
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:37
  5. The Internet of Things (IoT) devices are not able to execute resource-intensive tasks due to their limited storage and computing power. Therefore, Mobile edge computing (MEC) technology has recently been utili...

    Authors: Mohamed Abdel-Basset, Reda Mohamed, Ibrahim M. Hezam, Karam M. Sallam, Abdelaziz Foul and Ibrahim A. Hameed
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:35
  6. With the exponential growth of various data interactions on network systems, network intrusions are also increasing. The emergence of edge computing technology brings a new solution to network security. Howeve...

    Authors: Yue Yang, Jieren Cheng, Zhaowu Liu, Huimin Li and Ganglou Xu
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:31
  7. Owing to the emergence and rapid advances of new-generation information and digitalization technologies, the concept of model-driven digital twin has received widespread attentions and is developing vigorously...

    Authors: Jiaxing Guo, Dongliang Zhao, Chunxiang Gu, Xi Chen, Xieli Zhang and Mengcheng Ju
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:28
  8. Mangroves are ecosystems that grow in the intertidal areas of coastal zones, playing crucial ecological roles and possessing unique economic and social values. They have garnered significant attention and rese...

    Authors: Lixiang Fu, Jinbiao Chen, Zhuoying Wang, Tao Zang, Huandong Chen, Shulei Wu and Yuchen Zhao
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:27
  9. Software-Defined Networking (SDN) has emerged as an innovative networking method that offers effective management and remarkable flexibility. However, current SDN-based solutions primarily focus on static netw...

    Authors: Gan Huang, Ihsan Ullah, Hanyao Huang and Kyung Tae Kim
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:26
  10. The substantial computational demands associated with Deep Neural Network (DNN)-based camera relocalization during the reasoning process impede their integration into autonomous vehicles. Cost and energy effic...

    Authors: Dengbo Li, Hanning Zhang, Jieren Cheng and Bernie Liu
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:25
  11. The emergence of mobile edge computing (MEC) has brought cloud services to nearby edge servers facilitating penetration of real-time and resource-consuming applications from smart mobile devices at a high rate...

    Authors: Nawmi Nujhat, Fahmida Haque Shanta, Sujan Sarker, Palash Roy, Md. Abdur Razzaque, Md. Mamun-Or-Rashid, Mohammad Mehedi Hassan and Giancarlo Fortino
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:23
  12. Web3.0 represents the ongoing evolution of blockchain technology, placing a strong emphasis on establishing a decentralized and user-controlled Internet. Current data delegation solutions for Web3.0 predominan...

    Authors: Hongmin Gao, Pengfei Duan, Xiaofeng Pan, Xiaojing Zhang, Keke Ye and Ziyuan Zhong
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:21
  13. In this study, we present the EEG-GCN, a novel hybrid model for the prediction of time series data, adept at addressing the inherent challenges posed by the data's complex, non-linear, and periodic nature, as ...

    Authors: Huimin Han, Harold Neira-Molina, Asad Khan, Meie Fang, Haitham A. Mahmoud, Emad Mahrous Awwad, Bilal Ahmed and Yazeed Yasin Ghadi
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:20

    The Correction to this article has been published in Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:77

  14. The study aims to evaluate and compare the performance of various machine learning (ML) classifiers in the context of detecting cyber-trolling behaviors. With the rising prevalence of online harassment, develo...

    Authors: Huimin Han, Muhammad Asif, Emad Mahrous Awwad, Nadia Sarhan, Yazeed Yasid Ghadi and Bo Xu
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:19
  15. The emergence of the Fifth Generation (5G) era has ushered in a new era of diverse business scenarios, primarily characterized by data-intensive and latency-sensitive applications. Edge computing technology in...

    Authors: Shizhan Lan, Zhuoxi Duan, Song Lu, Bin Tan, Shi Chen, Yeyu Liang and Shan Chen
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:18
  16. A small object Lentinus Edodes logs contamination detection method (SRW-YOLO) based on improved YOLOv7 in edge-cloud computing environment was proposed to address the problem of the difficulty in the detection...

    Authors: Xuefei Chen, Shouxin Sun, Chao Chen, Xinlong Song, Qiulan Wu and Feng Zhang
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:14
  17. P2P-based Edge Cloud (PEC) is widely used in Internet of Things (IoT). Inevitably, the sensor data routing technology has a significant impact on the performance of PEC. Due to its prevalence and complexity, t...

    Authors: Biao Dong and Jinhui Chen
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:13
  18. Resource allocation in Internet of Vehicles (IoV) edge computing is currently a research hotspot. Existing studies focus on social welfare or revenue maximization. However, there is little research on lowest r...

    Authors: Jixian Zhang, Zhemin Wang, Athanasios V. Vasilakos and Weidong Li
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:11
  19. With the development of artificial intelligence technology and edge computing technology, deep learning-based automatic modulation classification (AI-based AMC) deployed at edge devices using centralised or di...

    Authors: Bo Xu, Uzair Aslam Bhatti, Hao Tang, Jialin Yan, Shulei Wu, Nadia Sarhan, Emad Mahrous Awwad, Syam M. S. and Yazeed Yasin Ghadi
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:10
  20. Cloud computing technology offers flexible and expedient services that carry a variety of profits for both societies as well as individuals. De-duplication techniques were developed to minimize redundant data ...

    Authors: M. Pavithra, M. Prakash and V. Vennila
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:8
  21. An edge-cloud computing collaborative dust concentration detection architecture is proposed for real-time operation of intelligent algorithms to reduce the warning delay. And, an end-to-end three-channel convo...

    Authors: Qiao Su, Hongsu Wang, Haiyang Zhao, Yan Chu, Jie Li, Xuan Lyu and Zijuan Li
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:7
  22. Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is a typical class of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), and due to the special characteristics of such systems, higher requirements are placed on system security. Runtime verific...

    Authors: Yu Zhang, Sijie Xu, Hongyi Chen, Uzair Aslam Bhatt and Mengxing Huang
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:6
  23. The distributed architecture of cloud computing necessitates robust defense mechanisms to secure network-accessible resources against a diverse and dynamic threat landscape. A Network Intrusion Detection Syste...

    Authors: Zhenyue Long, Huiru Yan, Guiquan Shen, Xiaolu Zhang, Haoyang He and Long Cheng
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:5
  24. This paper presents a novel approach to time series forecasting, an area of significant importance across diverse fields such as finance, meteorology, and industrial production. Time series data, characterized...

    Authors: Huimin Han, Zehua Liu, Mauricio Barrios Barrios, Jiuhao Li, Zhixiong Zeng, Nadia Sarhan and Emad Mahrous Awwad
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:2
  25. Research has recently grown on multi-agent systems (MAS) and their coordination and secure cooperative control, for example in the field of edge-cloud computing. MAS offers robustness and flexibility compared ...

    Authors: Xin Wang, Dongsheng Yang, D Raveena Judie Dolly, Shuang Chen, Madini O. Alassafi, Fawaz E. Alsaadi and Jianhui Lyu
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2024 13:1
  26. Cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are emergent systems that enable effective real-time communication and collaboration (C&C) of physical components such as control systems, sensors, actuators, and the surrounding ...

    Authors: Abdulaziz A. Alsulami, Qasem Abu Al-Haija, Badraddin Alturki, Ali Alqahtani and Raed Alsini
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2023 12:181
  27. 21st century has witnessed a profound metamorphosis in human civilization, primarily driven by the confluence of advanced network technologies and industrial modernization. This transformative period has expan...

    Authors: Zhenjun Yan, Ling Jiang, Xiaoli Huang, Lifang Zhang and Xinxin Zhou
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2023 12:179
  28. With the increasing number of electric fast charging stations (FCSs) deployed along roadsides of both urban roads and highways, the long-distance travel of electric vehicles (EVs) becomes possible. The EV char...

    Authors: Haoyu Li, Jihuang Chen, Chao Yang, Xin Chen, Le Chang and Jiabei Liu
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2023 12:176
  29. Image feature categorization has emerged as a crucial component in many domains, including computer vision, machine learning, and biometrics, in the dynamic environment of big data and cloud computing. It is e...

    Authors: Huixue Jia, Daomeng Cai, Jie Yang, Weidong Qian, Cong Wang, Xiaoyu Li and Shan Yang
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2023 12:175
  30. The significant energy consumption within data centers is an essential contributor to global energy consumption and carbon emissions. Therefore, reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions in data centers...

    Authors: Zhibao Wang, Shuaijun Chen, Lu Bai, Juntao Gao, Jinhua Tao, Raymond R. Bond and Maurice D. Mulvenna
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2023 12:174
  31. Modern data center topologies often take the form of a multi-rooted tree with rich parallel paths to provide high bandwidth. However, various path diversities caused by traffic dynamics, link failures and hete...

    Authors: Weimin Gao, Jiawei Huang, Zhaoyi Li, Shaojun Zou and Jianxin Wang
    Citation: Journal of Cloud Computing 2023 12:173

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