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  1. Review

    Adaptation in cloud resource configuration: a survey

    With increased demand for computing resources at a lower cost by end-users, cloud infrastructure providers need to find ways to protect their revenue. To achieve this, infrastructure providers aim to increase ...

    Abdul R. Hummaida, Norman W. Paton and Rizos Sakellariou

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2016 5:7

    Published on: 24 May 2016

  2. Research

    Power management in virtualized data centers: state of the art

    Cloud computing is an emerging technology in the field of computing that provides access to a wide range of shared resources. The rapid growth of cloud computing has led to establishing numerous data centers a...

    Auday Al-Dulaimy, Wassim Itani, Ahmed Zekri and Rached Zantout

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2016 5:6

    Published on: 27 April 2016

  3. Research

    A novel revenue optimization model to address the operation and maintenance cost of a data center

    Enterprises are enhancing investments in cloud services setting up data centers to meet growing demand. A typical investment is of the order of millions of dollars, infrastructure and recurring cost included. ...

    Snehanshu Saha, Jyotirmoy Sarkar, Avantika Dwivedi, Nandita Dwivedi, Anand M. Narasimhamurthy and Ranjan Roy

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2016 5:1

    Published on: 19 January 2016

    The Erratum to this article has been published in Journal of Cloud Computing 2016 5:13

  4. Research

    Towards a unified customer aware figure of merit for CSP selection

    The current cloud computing market lacks of clear comparison between the Cloud service providers (CSPs) offerings. This is due to the heterogeneity in the virtual machines (VMs) configurations and their prices...

    Bassem El Zant and Maurice Gagnaire

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:24

    Published on: 18 December 2015

  5. Research

    Service workload patterns for Qos-driven cloud resource management

    Cloud service providers negotiate SLAs for customer services they offer based on the reliability of performance and availability of their lower-level platform infrastructure. While availability management is m...

    Li Zhang, Yichuan Zhang, Pooyan Jamshidi, Lei Xu and Claus Pahl

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:23

    Published on: 15 December 2015

  6. Research

    Scalable transactions in cloud data stores

    Cloud Computing is a successful paradigm for deploying scalable and highly available web applications at low cost. In real life scenarios, the applications are expected to be scalable and consistent. Data part...

    Swati Ahirrao and Rajesh Ingle

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:21

    Published on: 15 November 2015

  7. Research

    Multi-dimensional key generation of ICMetrics for cloud computing

    Despite the rapid expansion and uptake of cloud based services, lack of trust in the provenance of such services represents a significant inhibiting factor in the further expansion of such service. This paper ...

    Bin Ye, Gareth Howells, Mustafa Haciosman and Frank Wang

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:19

    Published on: 15 October 2015

  8. Research

    Evaluating robustness of cloud-based systems

    Various services are now available in the Cloud, ranging from turnkey databases and application servers to high-level services such as continuous integration or source version control. To stand out of this div...

    Franck Chauvel, Hui Song, Nicolas Ferry and Franck Fleurey

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:18

    Published on: 28 August 2015

  9. Research

    Contextualization: dynamic configuration of virtual machines

    New VM instances are created from static templates that contain the basic configuration of the VM to achieve elasticity with regards to capacity. Instance specific settings can be injected into the VM during t...

    Django Armstrong, Daniel Espling, Johan Tordsson, Karim Djemame and Erik Elmroth

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:17

    Published on: 15 July 2015

  10. Research

    Cloud cover: monitoring large-scale clouds with Varanus

    Cloud computing has quickly become the de facto means to deploy large scale systems in a robust and cost effective manner. Central to the maintenance of large scale systems is monitoring which allows for the d...

    Jonathan Stuart Ward and Adam Barker

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:16

    Published on: 14 July 2015

  11. Research

    Components of service value in business-to-business Cloud Computing

    Cloud computing services are used in many businesses. However, little is known about the components of service value in B2B cloud computing services from a customer perspective. In the B2C service literature, ...

    Roland S. Padilla, Simon K. Milton and Lester W. Johnson

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:15

    Published on: 30 June 2015

  12. Research

    An approach to unified cloud service access, manipulation and dynamic orchestration via semantic cloud service operation specification framework

    Cloud computing offers various computational resources via convenient on-demand service provision. Currently, heterogeneous services and cloud resources are usually utilized and managed through diverse service...

    Daren Fang, Xiaodong Liu, Imed Romdhani and Claus Pahl

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:14

    Published on: 18 June 2015

  13. Research

    Tunable consistency guarantees of selective data consistency model

    Tunable consistency guarantees in big data stores help in achieving optimized consistency guarantees with improved performance. Commercial data stores offer tunable consistency guarantees at transaction level ...

    Shraddha P. Phansalkar and Ajay R. Dani

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:13

    Published on: 10 June 2015

  14. Review

    Security transparency: the next frontier for security research in the cloud

    The recent advances in networking and the ubiquity of the Internet have enabled the emergence of cloud computing as a viable solution for a convenient, elastic and economical usage of services. In spite of the...

    Moussa Ouedraogo, Severine Mignon, Herve Cholez, Steven Furnell and Eric Dubois

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:12

    Published on: 2 June 2015

  15. Research

    Towards bandwidth guaranteed energy efficient data center networking

    The data center network connecting the servers in a data center plays a crucial role in orchestrating the infrastructure to deliver peak performance to users. In order to meet high performance and reliability ...

    Ting Wang, Bo Qin, Zhiyang Su, Yu Xia, Mounir Hamdi, Sebti Foufou and Ridha Hamila

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:9

    Published on: 10 May 2015

  16. Research

    MapReduce for parallel trace validation of LTL properties

    We present an algorithm for the automated verification of Linear Temporal Logic formulæ on event traces using an increasingly popular cloud computing framework called MapReduce. The algorithm can process multi...

    Sylvain Hallé and Maxime Soucy-Boivin

    Journal of Cloud Computing 2015 4:8

    Published on: 14 April 2015

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